When No One Is Watching

by Brandy Webb

The other day my family and I were watching a fun series called Brain Games, and in one episode about lying, it had a study done with children. The premise was to have a group of children sit at a table with this tasty chocolate cake, and an adult would tell them that they were not to have any of the cake. In fact, they could not even touch the cake. Then the adult would leave the room to watch the children behind a two-way mirror. All but one of the kids could not resist the temptation. They just had to at least touch it with the tip of their finger. It was too hard to do the right thing when no one was around. Continue reading


Who is Accountable?

by Brandy Webb

It seems when there are problems that come up, be it at work, at home, in the church, with the economy, etc., there is a lot of finger-pointing and blaming others for the issues that have occurred. We see it a lot in politics. We see it a lot on the news. Hardly ever do you see someone say, “Hey, it is my fault.” Continue reading