God Listens

February 10, 2017
by Brandy Webb

There are never small miracles because every miracle is wonderful. It is always awesome when God answers prayers, whether it is healing or just Him taking our anxiety away. I am realizing that I need to stay aware of all the answered prayers that I have because every single one is an awesome miracle. It is so uplifting when our prayers are answered. In fact, Proverbs points out that a “desire fulfilled is a tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12). Therefore, an answered prayer is life giving to our soul. Continue reading

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

January 30, 2017
by Brian G. Bettes

Many people I am currently praying for are facing severe trials right now. One friend just went in for surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from his liver. That same man will have to go in again in a few months to have more cancer removed from his colon. A cousin of mine is in stage four of lymphoma cancer. Both suffer not only the physical pain of the disease that is trying to kill them, but also the fear of not knowing what will happen with the only life they have been given. Additionally, they wrestle with what it will mean for the loved ones who are left behind if the cancer takes them. Continue reading

One Foot In And One Foot Out

January 27, 2017
by Brandy Webb

This past Sabbath, John Reedy gave the message in Texarkana, TX, and he asked something that I am still thinking about a few days later. He asked, as Christians, are we allowing one foot to stay in the world while the other is in God’s church? He was making the point that we are in the world, but we aren’t supposed to be of the world. God understands that we can’t put ourselves in a bubble separating ourselves from the world. However, we aren’t supposed to get caught up in the world’s way of living, selfishness, greed, strife, envy, gossips, enmity with God, etc. We are to be different, set apart by how we live our lives. Continue reading

In Case Of Emergency Break Glass

by Brian G. Bettes

A good friend texted me this picture as a joke recently. Then he said, “This would make a good subject for a blog.” I decided He was right!

How often do we take this approach to our relationship with God? Has anyone else ever realized they were doing this, or am I the only one? Continue reading

Feast Costume Party

We will be hosting a Period Costume party on Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. October 9th, 2017 during game night at the Feast of Tabernacles. So you will have plenty of time to create your costume. Use your imagination and have fun with it.

Examples of a period costumes:

Historical Costumes, Presidents, Inventors    
Civil War Costumes
Colonial Costumes
Biblical Costumes
Renaissance Costumes
Medieval Costumes
Egyptian Costumes
50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s Costumes
Movie Character Costumes

We look forward to seeing you there.

Make A Joyful Noise Together

by Brandy Webb

I know that I have written about music before, but the other day I heard something that I didn’t even know in regards to music. I was driving to town listening to a radio program, and the speaker was listing all the benefits of singing with other people. Studies have shown that group singing benefits our health and well-being. I knew I enjoyed singing, but I didn’t know that there were actually positive health benefits to singing, especially when you sing in a group. Continue reading

When No One Is Watching

by Brandy Webb

The other day my family and I were watching a fun series called Brain Games, and in one episode about lying, it had a study done with children. The premise was to have a group of children sit at a table with this tasty chocolate cake, and an adult would tell them that they were not to have any of the cake. In fact, they could not even touch the cake. Then the adult would leave the room to watch the children behind a two-way mirror. All but one of the kids could not resist the temptation. They just had to at least touch it with the tip of their finger. It was too hard to do the right thing when no one was around. Continue reading

Pulling Together In The Yoke

by Brian G. Bettes

In a recent blog, I talked about “tugging against the leash.” In a comment to that blog, a reader responded with this:

“The more we trust in God, the more we understand that His yoke (leash) really is pretty light.” The comparison of God’s “leash” to His yoke being referenced here is in Matthew 11:29-30 which states:

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light (KJV).

The Greek word used for “yoke” in this verse, zugos, means to join or couple together, specifically by a yoke. It also has a literal meaning of being the beam of the balance that connects the scales, or “a pair of balances.” Continue reading