Ordinary People

March 9, 2018
by Brandy Webb

We have a Bible full of profound stories of faith, sin, renewal, miracles, forgiveness, and punishment, and many more lessons that apply to us today. The Bible gives us hope when we doubt, strength when we are afraid, faith to keep moving forward, love when we feel unloved, and more positive affirmations. What is totally awesome, though, is that most of these stories that encourage us are about normal everyday ordinary people like you and me. Continue reading


The Power of Praying for Others

February 23, 2018
by Brandy Webb

Do you have a tendency to pray more for yourself than for others? I know I do, and sometimes I wonder if I have my prayer priorities out of order. Now, I don’t think it is wrong to pray for ourselves as long as it doesn’t cause us to focus more on ourselves rather than thinking of others. Continue reading

Reap What You Sow

February 9, 2018
by Brandy Webb

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return (Galatians 6:7).

I have heard this point all my life, and yes, when I have sowed non-righteous “seeds,” I reaped the consequences. I was one of those children that couldn’t get away with anything. I got caught very quickly. As an adult, I have to say, I still reap quick consequences when I make mistakes. I am definitely not perfect. Continue reading

Sabbath and Potluck


We will have potluck this Sabbath July 7th following services. Main dish will be Shredded BBQ Chicken and buns. We will need sides and desserts.

We will see you Sabbath!

Hidden Things

January 23, 2018
by Brandy Webb

We had a slight scare this Sabbath. My daughter, Jazmyn, woke at her friend’s house with severe stomach pains that had her doubled over. I rushed over there to pick her up and immediately took her to the ER. I have to admit, my mind was going to all the worst case scenarios during our drive. Continue reading

Harrison Feast Registration

person writing on white book

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

We now have a new web page – Feast Registration for the Harrison, Arkansas Feast Site. The Feast Registration helps us to plan the First Day Meal and other Activities during the Feast. If you know of someone that can’t sign up online for themselves please take the time and do it for them by asking them some simple questions. Your help is greatly appreciated in our planning process.

Here is the link: Feast Registration

Festival Coordinators


Perspective is Everything

January 17, 2018
by Brandy Webb

One truth I have learned over the years is that life is constantly changing. Things never stay the same, so make sure you enjoy the small moments and don’t take life for granted. Another truth is, don’t waste time worrying about little things because, truth be told, if it isn’t going to be important tomorrow, next week, a month from now, or even a year or more from now, then it isn’t worth stressing over. Continue reading

Satisfy Your Soul

January 1, 2018
by Brandy Webb

When we are hungry, we get something to eat. When we are thirsty, we get something to drink. This is to satisfy our physical needs, but these physical things cannot satisfy our soul. True soul-satisfying fulfillment can only come from God. Continue reading