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The Church of God, International in Springfield, Missouri is a Sabbath keeping congregation.

Ordinary People

March 9, 2018
by Brandy Webb

We have a Bible full of profound stories of faith, sin, renewal, miracles, forgiveness, and punishment, and many more lessons that apply to us today. The Bible gives us hope when we doubt, strength when we are afraid, faith to keep moving forward, love when we feel unloved, and more positive affirmations. What is totally awesome, though, is that most of these stories that encourage us are about normal everyday ordinary people like you and me. Continue reading


Managing the Leaven of Anger



Heart of Service by Mike Nolen


The Power of Praying for Others

February 23, 2018
by Brandy Webb

Do you have a tendency to pray more for yourself than for others? I know I do, and sometimes I wonder if I have my prayer priorities out of order. Now, I don’t think it is wrong to pray for ourselves as long as it doesn’t cause us to focus more on ourselves rather than thinking of others. Continue reading

The Apple of God’s Eye by Wayne Hendrix



Rebuilding Kingdom Homes by Herb Hansen


Reap What You Sow

February 9, 2018
by Brandy Webb

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. Whatever a man sows, he will reap in return (Galatians 6:7).

I have heard this point all my life, and yes, when I have sowed non-righteous “seeds,” I reaped the consequences. I was one of those children that couldn’t get away with anything. I got caught very quickly. As an adult, I have to say, I still reap quick consequences when I make mistakes. I am definitely not perfect. Continue reading

Casualties of Independence Day


american back view burial cemetery

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

In this country that we call the United States we think of Independence Day as a day of joy and celebration of Freedom and Liberties. It’s a time of getting together with families sharing meals, fireworks and most of all memories of those that have served our country. But to many of our veterans who fought for those freedoms it can be severe bondage of the mind and body. My nephew 32 years young was a Gulf war veteran and he was one of those that fought for our freedom that all of us enjoy today. He chose to confront his demons two years ago and end his suffering from his internal bondage after years of trying to adjust to life after war. He had a bright future ahead of him as an engineer and would have graduated from Kansas State. Continue reading