Jesus Christ And The Kingdom Of God Is Humanity’s Solution

Believe it or not, there are Holy Days described in the Bible that, if understood, would enable mankind to understand what God is actually doing on Earth—how He’s going to accomplish His salvific plan of converting humanity from mortal to immortal and provide entrance into His Kingdom on Earth.

Specifically described by the latter half of the Holy Days, the sequence is made clear as to what and how God is going to keep man from self-destructing. Described throughout the Prophets and by Jesus Himself, it becomes quite clear that world peace will be achieved upon Christ’s return to this Earth. His mission is to establish a government that will re-institute the very government of God—ushering in a Utopian paradise—a new world order based on love as described and personified by the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Considering Mankind’s problems are undeniably insurmountable by the obvious growing tensions, weapons, natural calamities, and so many factions on so many levels among the nations, cultures, and races of humankind, it’s unavoidable to conclude—man, apart from God’s intervention, is doomed to self-annihilation.

So, in this edition of Biblical News Updates & Commentary we are encouraged and relieved to understand by the assurance explained in the Bible that there is a real solution to these overwhelming problems humanity is contending with. Astonishingly, a Utopian society will be set up to finally cause harmony and peace throughout the world in an environment where war won’t be learned anymore.

Take a moment to watch this revealing presentation and become familiar with the solution God the Father has prepared for mankind that Jesus Christ will establish.


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