Is The Dollar At Risk?

Many are concerned a “storm” is coming! Off in the distance, what sounds like thunder can be heard, or maybe it’s the “hoof-beats” of approaching “horses”––but some are predicting the conditions of a “perfect storm” might be developing that could lead to an economic collapse of global proportions before the year of 2015 ends––should we be concerned?

Can this be true?

People in the financial community as well as some voices from religious circles are heralding there are “buds on the fig tree” that warn of major calamities coming our way, here in North America, and throughout the rest of the world.

Some of these specific “buds on the fig tree” are as follows. Presently, some believe we are in a Shemitah year––a Jubilee year of debt release. Consider, 2001 was a Shemitah year––the stock market fell over 650 points, right after 9/11 occurred, on September 17th––the Feast of Trumpets. Seven years later—2008—was another Shemitah year, and the stock market fell over 750 points on September 29th; and again on the Feast of Trumpets. Now, in 2015, which is the third Shemitah year in the 21st century, and the coming Feast of Trumpets is September 14th––so, what do you think?

Additionally, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the first time is considering allowing China’s currency––the Yuan––to be recognized as a legitimate denomination for determining the value for the IMF’s Special Drawing Right, which is an international reserve asset, created by the IMF in 1969 to supplement its member countries official monetary reserves. Presently, its value is determined by averaging out the Yen, Sterling, Euro, and US Dollar. However, China is now being considered for inclusion into this very elite monetary circle.

Many are worried this has implications of replacing the US Dollar as the worlds standard reserve currency! Is this possible? And if it is, what does it mean for those of us in North America and the rest of the world? Some are thinking it will send hundreds of billions of dollars moving around the world, triggering one of the most profound transfers of wealth in our lifetime. Is that what’s behind the IMF’s October meeting? Take a moment to watch our most recent Biblical News Update & Commentary on “Is The Dollar At Risk?” for some of these answers.

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