Once Saved, Always Saved

At one of our national evangelistic campaigns in the United States a gentleman stood up during the Question and Answer segment and explained he firmly believed that once you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you cannot lose your salvation—once saved, always saved—no matter what, was what he believed.

Can this be true? Are we entitled to eternal life once we “give our heart to the Lord”? Does the Bible really teach that once you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord, Master, and King you are never at risk or in jeopardy of losing your salvation?

Interestingly enough, this is a common belief among many traditional Christian denominations. And, unfortunately, it has led to a lot of misconceptions for many Christians as to what their obligations and responsibilities are once they embark upon the Christian lifestyle. Some have gone as far as adopting the idea that Christ did it all for them and they are absolved—excused—from obeying any form of theologically defined law. Is this a correct understanding? And if it is, what about the unpardonable sin—how can anyone be held responsible if they are exculpated from the demands of behavioral requirements?

In this session of Web-chat, Bill Watson and Wayne Hendrix address these topics and additional nuances of the subject on Once Saved, Always Saved that bring out some very interesting points of information and additional perspectives. Their approach will help you see this topic from a Biblical point-of-view, rather than a denominationally interpreted point-of-view. Take a moment to listen in on the conversation. You may be surprised to find that they address some questions you’ve had for quite a while but were just unable to put your “finger” on.


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